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Two years ago I made the decision to completely change my life and move from Northeast PA down here to the Philadelphia area.  Giving up the 24 hr, 7 days a week work of healthcare management for the regular 9-5 days of a traveling PT eliminated a huge amount of stress and gave me a large amount of free time I wasn’t used to. In the past I bounced between various workout dvd’s and even joined a ” judgement free zone “, but work always took over my schedule.  After I moved I took up running, then started light lifting with the equipment available in my apartment complex’s gym.  A year later I was looking and feeling better but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and   I was still struggling with finding myself.  I had heard about Crossfit ( mostly injury related things from work) and did a little research ( meaning finding out if something was close) and a quick google search led me to Crossfit Ironborough’s website.  Two weeks later I had my appointment with Chip to see if this was right for me. Started fundamentals the following week and I don’t think I’ve been a full week away from the Box since.

I have to admit, prior to contacting CrossFit Ironborough,  I was warned Crossfit was a Cult.  Even now if I text my sister what I’m lifting, she replies “koolaide”.  Overall though, I was amazed at how inclusive Crossfit is.  The way things can be scaled to accommodate anyone’s needs/limitations and yet still be part of the full class. And no, I don’t think of Crossfit as a cult.  I see it as a lifestyle because it encompasses more than just physical fitness training.

As for my first impression of Crossfit Ironborough, Zelda sat on my foot and cuddled up for attention as I had my interview, you can’t give a better impression than that.  (Yes, I signed up for Crossfit because you had a puppy). I was surprised at how Dog-friendly Ironborough is  and it means a lot knowing everyone loves their furry kids as much as I love mine.  I was expecting it to be competitive and was so surprised to see how helpful and encouraging everyone was right from the start.

My biggest accomplishment is showing up everyday, even if I’m sore or my schedule is busy and don’t want to.  ( including showing up for Snatch lifts).  My training at the Box is solely for me, not because others are doing it, or because it’s expected of me.  It’s not to look good for anyone or to make anyone else happy.  It’s time just for me that I work everything else around.  This was a huge change for me and has helped me redefine  who I am outside of my career.

Now I am working on getting out of my own way.  I get stuck in my head with some things such as heavier weights for my Olympic lifts.  Learning to control my inner dialogue will help me overcome the self talk that holds me back at times, yet pushes me through at other times.  Movement-wise working towards handstand progressions, pull-ups, the elusive Double Unders, and perfecting my favorite –Turkish Get-Ups.

This years Open has been my favorite memory so far.  I didn’t played sports growing up, so this was my first time on a sports team, and I had such a wonderful team. Those 5 weeks were so much fun. I loved it.  From guessing the workouts all week long, watching the announcements, cheering my teammates on at the 6am heats, to performing the WODs at Friday night lights.  It brought me out of my comfort zone and I completely amazed myself and am awestruck at some of the “Open moments ” of my teammates I was privileged to witness.

I can’t wait to do it again.  

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