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Two years ago I made the decision to completely change my life and move from Northeast PA down here to the Philadelphia area.  Giving up the 24 hr, 7 days a week work of healthcare management for the regular 9-5 days of a traveling PT eliminated a huge amount of stress and gave me a large amount of free time I wasn’t used to. In the past I bounced between various workout dvd’s and even joined a ” judgement free zone “, but work always took over my schedule.  After I moved I took up running, then started light lifting with the equipment available in my apartment complex’s gym.  A year later I was looking and feeling better but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and   I was still struggling with finding myself.  I had heard about Crossfit ( mostly injury related things from work) and did a little research ( meaning finding out if something was close) and a quick google search led me to Crossfit Ironborough’s website.  Two weeks later I had my appointment with Chip to see if this was right for me. Started fundamentals the following week and I don’t think I’ve been a full week away from the Box since.

I have to admit, prior to contacting CrossFit Ironborough,  I was warned Crossfit was a Cult.  Even now if I text my sister what I’m lifting, she replies “koolaide”.  Overall though, I was amazed at how inclusive Crossfit is.  The way things can be scaled to accommodate anyone’s needs/limitations and yet still be part of the full class. And no, I don’t think of Crossfit as a cult.  I see it as a lifestyle because it encompasses more than just physical fitness training.

As for my first impression of Crossfit Ironborough, Zelda sat on my foot and cuddled up for attention as I had my interview, you can’t give a better impression than that.  (Yes, I signed up for Crossfit because you had a puppy). I was surprised at how Dog-friendly Ironborough is  and it means a lot knowing everyone loves their furry kids as much as I love mine.  I was expecting it to be competitive and was so surprised to see how helpful and encouraging everyone was right from the start.

My biggest accomplishment is showing up everyday, even if I’m sore or my schedule is busy and don’t want to.  ( including showing up for Snatch lifts).  My training at the Box is solely for me, not because others are doing it, or because it’s expected of me.  It’s not to look good for anyone or to make anyone else happy.  It’s time just for me that I work everything else around.  This was a huge change for me and has helped me redefine  who I am outside of my career.

Now I am working on getting out of my own way.  I get stuck in my head with some things such as heavier weights for my Olympic lifts.  Learning to control my inner dialogue will help me overcome the self talk that holds me back at times, yet pushes me through at other times.  Movement-wise working towards handstand progressions, pull-ups, the elusive Double Unders, and perfecting my favorite –Turkish Get-Ups.

This years Open has been my favorite memory so far.  I didn’t played sports growing up, so this was my first time on a sports team, and I had such a wonderful team. Those 5 weeks were so much fun. I loved it.  From guessing the workouts all week long, watching the announcements, cheering my teammates on at the 6am heats, to performing the WODs at Friday night lights.  It brought me out of my comfort zone and I completely amazed myself and am awestruck at some of the “Open moments ” of my teammates I was privileged to witness.

I can’t wait to do it again.  

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Kelly Goad’s CrossFit Ironborough Story Thu, 27 Apr 2017 13:02:21 +0000 The post Kelly Goad’s CrossFit Ironborough Story appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


I struggle with a pretty severe case of sciatica that pretty much Incapacitated me a few years back. After that complete loss of mobility, a few more years of doctors and x-rays, and recurring bouts of pain brought me to a point where I knew I had to MOVE and get stronger (no matter how much it hurt). The problem was I didn’t know what could get me to MOVE, I’d never belonged to any sort of gym and besides running (which I could no longer do) I hadn’t really any idea. I’d seen stories about this CrossFit workout stuff and decided that’s something I can see myself doing and not getting bored. So I goggled CrossFit near me and the rest is history. 🙂  I really liked how laid back the atmosphere was at Ironborough.  It was nice to seem a community of people pushing themselves to be better.

My biggest accomplishment is being able to get up off the floor without assistance. I was unable to do that for so long that I no longer take the small stuff for granted. I’ve made huge steps since gaining that mobility back (pull-up, weight training, etc..) but when I really boil it down, it’s that first rising up off the floor without needing something to grab to pull me up that changed everything. I knew it was working and I knew I could do more.

I’m continuing to gain strength work on my core and see if I can’t make the sciatica disappear altogether. Brian and his PT sessions are a huge bonus for me, having the access to an expert who can help me focus on what I need to fix is such major benefit. I rarely deal with a flare up of the sciatica (except for after 20 hour plane rides) so I really have confidence that I can get there.









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Shelby Barry Thu, 13 Apr 2017 14:48:22 +0000 The post Shelby Barry appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


I came to CrossFit after hearing about the sense of community some of my friends had discovered at other boxes across the country. It also happened that I was becoming bored with the generic classes and machines at a traditional gym. I found myself getting frustrated by the lack of variety and feeling like I was just one of many to the instructors. Having moved from North Carolina I was struggling to find my place and my people and I thought I would try CrossFit to see if I could meet people who would hold me accountable and motivate me to be the best version of myself.

I signed up for the New You interview on an impulsive whim and it was the best decision I have ever made! I was immediately welcomed during the interview by both Chip and Brian and had a great conversation about wanting to get out of the generic gym and into something more exciting and community oriented. My first night of New You was predictably hard but I loved every minute of it! My Group 3 girls never quit and I couldn’t imagine not continuing once New You was done. I look up to so many of the athletes at CrossFit Ironborough  – they manage to balance their daily lives while still excelling in the gym and taking time to give support and encouragement to others. The amazing people at Ironborough keep me coming back week after week. The coaches are phenomenal and have helped me succeed!

Some of my biggest accomplishments are works in progress but I am still so proud! When I first joined I couldn’t hang on the bar or do a handstand and I couldn’t run 400 meters. James coached me through walking my hands towards the wall for a handstand and while I’m still not quite at the wall,  I’ve come a long way from starting with my feet on the box! I now hang on the bar and have been practicing pull ups and chin ups. I can now run 800 meters (albeit with James’ voice in my head yelling not to walk) and while I still hate running I can see a huge improvement. I’m not sure I’ve had one ‘biggest accomplishment’ but I enjoy seeing the improvements week to week as I work towards my goals.

My next goal is to get a box jump. I just need to breakthrough my mental wall!

My favorite memory of CrossFit Ironborough is CrossFit Ironborough: Civil war (shout out to my Team Brian members!). It was the first time I had really felt a part of the community – I had arrived! I got to compete with people I hadn’t worked out with before and I loved cheering on my teammates and even members of the opposing team for doing well and generally killing it. Being able to compete with and against some of the more experienced members just renewed my desire to eventually be one of the people that others are looking up to! I can’t wait for that day!

Shout out to all the coaches and especially Brian and James for never giving up on me.









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Stephanie Wyjadka Thu, 13 Apr 2017 14:23:34 +0000 The post Stephanie Wyjadka appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


I came to CrossFit Ironborough as part of the new you program last spring. I had never given much thought to CrossFit before. It seemed like a good way to get my health and fitness on track simultaneously.

Prior to joining CrossFit I had a gym membership that I hardly used. I played soccer, lacrosse and basketball through high school. When I got to college I didn’t make time for any type of structured fitness routine. I always blamed that on being too busy. Not much changed after college. When I joined CrossFit Ironborough I was working multiple jobs while trying to make time for a social life. I still made it to class three times a week. It’s all about priorities!

I signed up for CrossFit because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to lose weight. The first day that I walked into Ironborough, there was a class in the midst of a WOD. I was seeing the class cycling through rounds of pull-ups and grunting as they dropped barbells from overhead. It was intimidating. Seeing this made me feel out of shape. Now there is no workout that seems unattainable.

I remember that on my first day of class Coach Brian explained that Crossfit is not a quick fix or a diet program. Crossfit teaches you how to be a better human in many different aspects. This was disappointing to me in a way. I was always looking for a quick way to drop 10 pounds, but never a long term solution to being healthy and fit. I’m proud to say that today I am much less concerned about the number on the scale, and more focused on how much I can lift.

I am proud of the upper body strength that I gained. Pull ups, push-ups, Olympic lifts. None of these came easy for me. I have accomplished so much since starting CrossFit. The greatest gains are movements that I once considered impossible. Proficiency in any of the Olympic lifts seemed like a dream at the beginning. Now lifting is my favorite part of the workout. I have been setting a lot of PRs recently. Every time I set a new one, I am so proud of myself for coming this far. At CrossFit you always leave with a sense of accomplishment, feeling like you are better than you were yesterday.

Overall my biggest accomplishment is developing a consistent workout routine. I go to the box three or four times a week. Now I look forward to working out rather than dread it.

I am always trying to improve my strength and work on moves that are not comfortable yet. Currently I am determined to get hand stand push-ups. I also struggle to get just one double under. It seems impossible right now but I know I’ll get it eventually.

This is what I love about CrossFit. Gaining new skills and setting new PRs is so motivating. It is such a rewarding feeling to master a move that you have been working on repeatedly. There is no feeling like the moment that you finally accomplish what once seemed unattainable.

The community aspect at CrossFit Ironborough is what makes it such a great gym to be a part of. There is always someone cheering you on or pushing you to work harder. One of my favorite memories at CrossFit Ironborough is the Civil War this summer. Members were split up into two different teams and we competed against each other in different heats with various workouts. Everyone was cheering for their teammates and supporting each other. The competition was fun and everyone got a chance to compete.










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Liz Heilman Mon, 30 Jan 2017 14:33:03 +0000 The post Liz Heilman appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


I was a stay at home mom for 7 years and was always active would go to the gym with my husband.  Once the kids started to go to school I had to go back to work.  My sit down office job took a toll on my body in 2 years I gained 20 pounds.  I tried work out tapes at home so I would be home with the kids but that didn’t work.  I saw the New Your add on Facebook and was like what do I have to loose. I was scared to death but needed a change.

After my first class I was super impressed. Not only did I finish my workout and didn’t die the people there were great. My coach Jill knew so much information and was passionate about what she does.  The sense of community you hear about associated with Crossfit is true and its a great feeling knowing that the people next to you are working hard just like you. I have made some really great friends here.

Coming into Crossfit I really wanted to lose my 20 pounds I am super excited that 5 month later I am 3 pounds away from that goal.  It has been a great feeling losing weight while lifting heavy things.

I am working on getting stronger and being able to attack the overhead lifts the way I do squats and deadlifts.  And I can’t wait to get kipping pull up or double unders.

My favorite memory would be finishing my first Hero WOD the Whitten. It was tough and I finished it with only seconds to spare.  It was such a great feeling be able to push myself and finish.  I’m also loving working out with Chet on Saturdays, working out with your husband pushes you to a whole new level. We make a great team.









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There seems to be a great divide/question in the world of CrossFit Affiliates.   Should we allow or sell open gym?

Here is how understanding human nature and having EQ have an advantage over conventional wisdom.

If you sell (50) open gym memberships at $100 a month hypothetically speaking you would make an extra $5000 a month for doing nothing but providing gym access.  Conventional wisdom says this is a win.

Emotional intelligence says otherwise.

  1. We don’t sell access, we sell our expertise, our philosophy of fitness and nutrition.  We sell an experience.

We see it all too often, a new member starts getting a little better at CrossFit.  Usually after the 1-2 year marker.   They start looking at other programming online, they see invictus, “what is rich doing” and they assume that if they just do the programming the Games athletes are doing that they will become better.  99 times out of 100 they are wrong.   If you can’t move well, if you don’t have a base of strength and stability no program can save you.  Master the basics first, then and only then does it make sense to add volume.  This is a whole other article but too many athletes and Coaches are stuck in the pursuit of high volume training sessions falsely believing that it will be the silver bullet.  Carefully watch who likes this article, it will be thought leaders, great coaches and smart affiliate owners.

More is not better, better is better.

2. It is a culture killer

Here is the often overlooked effect of open gym and letting athletes do whatever they want.  It creates cliques, small groups of entitled people who believe they need a special program because of their athletic prowess. Now I know there are some exceptions to every rule but talking with hundreds of Affiliate Owners really gives some great perspective into the problems that gym cultures face.   You begin to see trends and those trend are telling.   Never make concessions for the 1% because I promise you they are going to be the ones who create 99% of your problems.   I know what you are thinking.   “How are people who don’t need my coaching going to create problems for me?  They will just be off in the corner doing their own things while I collect their $100 a month for doing nothing.”

Sure that is one optimistic way to view it, but the opportunity cost is high and the potential to negatively impact your culture is higher.  

“Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement”

We don’t allow open gym.  We don’t allow others to do their own programming.  We are the experts and we sell that expertise in programming, coaching, community and culture all in one package that our members appreciate. Culture is king in our business and we protect that.

While some gyms focus their energy on the .001%, you know the semi-professional exercise racers and instagram stars.  You will see the smart gyms focusing on the 99%.

We sell expertise and coaching and we will continue to do so, and you should too.

Chip Hartford – Owner CrossFit Ironborough









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The Open, Ironborough Games and More Wed, 04 Jan 2017 15:14:17 +0000 The post The Open, Ironborough Games and More appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


What is the Open

For many of you that are new with us you may have heard some chatter amongst people about “The Open”.  Some of you are probably wondering what that even is and why are people talking so much about it. Here is a nice video explaining what the Open is.

Ok so you watched the video and are probably thinking “Are you crazy?  I just started CrossFit.  There is no way I can do this.”  Or you also may have said “I’m not going to the games so why bother?”

Normally Crossfit competitions are intimidating… going to different gyms and competing against people you don’t know can be overwhelming. However, this is the best part about the open! Every workout is done in the gym with the people you train with every day. So there are no surprises or curveballs, you can use your favorite bar, listen to your favorite song, or claim your favorite spot on the floor with no problem!

The fact of the matter is there is no “fit enough” or “level of fitness” needed to compete in the open. The workouts can be done as Rx’d or scaled and still be scored and compared to people all over the world. At the end of the day its all for fun and the open gives you a chance to push yourself harder than you would during a normal workout… and I know you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re actually capable of!

The Ironborough Games

So not only does the Open take place for 5 weeks February and March but it also coincides with the Ironborough Games.  Now you are thinking “Oh great what the heck is this now”  

Last year, over 40 members of the Ironborough family members tried their hand at CrossFit “competition and yes there is a scaled option so don’t worry.

Our goals at Ironborough is to educate and inspire. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring.

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

Through the Open, we’re going to have four intramural teams competing. And you’re going to be on one of them. The Four Intramural teams don’t have names yet. But their Captains will be chosen soon.

 Yep, we chose the FUN bunch to Captain, not our traditional top scorers. We want you to sign up this year.


 Registration for the Open can be done at, and choose CrossFit Ironborough as your Affiliate.


 Every athlete registered for the Open will be drawn from a hat. Team Captains will rotate draws, and then notify the athletes of their team. The ‘Draft Party’ will take place the week before the Open begins (Feb 23.)

 If you have not registered for the Open that’s where you come in. You’ll be courted by one of our Team Captains to join their team – probably more than one. Pick the funnest team!


+1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at Ironborough each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors!


+1 Point – Top 3: every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 at Ironborough for each workout (Rx only) gets an extra point for their team.

+1 Point – Attending Friday Night Lights.  More Information below.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points.



In 2016, athletes competing in the Open will have Friday to complete their workout.  Like the previous years each class on Friday is devoted the Open workout.  That gives you all day to get the workout done.


We’ll have some random draws each week for prizes, including gear, supplements, and training packages. The top team will also earn a GRAND prize. Details released soon!

 Our focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you fitter, and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glow and stuff. 

Register online at the CrossFit Games site, and let’s start this party!

Open Prep

If all of this has you a bit overwhelmed don’t worry, thats where Brian has your back.  He is running an Open Prep Course to get you ready for the 5 weeks.  

It will cover common movements we see in the Open, strategy and mobility drills to prep you for those movements.

The cost of the program is $165.  You will meet Thursday night and Sunday each week leading right up to the open.  And yes there will be workouts during his program.

Put your name in for this right here.









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Open Prep Course Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:56:18 +0000 The post Open Prep Course appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


The CrossFit Open is only two months away. If you think you can’t compete in it….wrong. Its a celebration of fitness and what makes CrossFit so great. It also coincides with the Ironborough Games. This is an intramural event where team spirit is the number one score. We will be setting up teams soon.

In the meanwhile if you feel like you need some help getting ready for the open Brian will be running a 6 week Open Prep course leading right up to the Open. It will be a great way to work on movements and mobility that will be vital to do your best.

Stay Tuned for more details









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Get This Exercise In Your Arsenal Now: 5 Steps To Mastering The Glute Ham Raise Sat, 17 Dec 2016 19:35:52 +0000 The post Get This Exercise In Your Arsenal Now: 5 Steps To Mastering The Glute Ham Raise appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


The Glute Ham Raise, or GHR, is an elusive exercise for most athletes in the gym.  Here at Crossfit Ironborough it is programmed on the Glute Ham Development machine almost weekly as extra credit after the daily workout. It is also a movement that is skipped over by most athletes, even the dedicated extra credit warriors.  I do not blame you!  It takes an incredible amount of strength in the posterior chain and often leaves those who attempt it with that lovely “charley horse” tightness in the calf area.  The guide that follows is a roadmap on how to acquire this movement for yourselves and add it into your weekly repertoire of strength exercises.  As with any exercise we practice in the gym, we must first understand the movement itself.

The GRH, broken down

The GHR is one of the best movements you can do to strengthen the hamstrings, gluteal muscles, low back, and spinal erectors.  What makes it more effective (and more difficult) than most posterior chain exercises  is that it builds kinesthetic awareness in the trunk.  This term refers to being aware of one’s own body, specifically here being able to control the core muscles in trunk flexion and extension.  Having control over trunk flexion and extension is key in acquiring butterfly pull-ups, being more explosive in the olympic lifts, and having better running form.  The GHR will help improve ALL of these.

Progression #1

If the GHR is not in your arsenal, then here is a great place to start.  Progression #1 is the lying hip bridge.  This exercise strengthens all of the same muscles as the GHR, and the good news is anyone can do it anywhere, without any equipment.  

How to do it:

  • Lie down on the floor with your feet flat on the ground, knees bent past 90 degrees.  
  • Press through the heels and extend your hips towards the sky


  • Squeeze your butt at the top of the movement
  • Drive upwards quickly, and lower the hips slowly (up fast, down slow)
  • Do not press down with your arms for assistance.  The movement should come from the hip


  • Legs straight, feet up on bench
  • Isometric hold at hip extension
  • Weighted hip bridge
  • Single leg hip bridge

Progression #2

The second progression will mimic the exact movement of the GHR.  This time you need two things: a partner and a knee pad for support.  The partner who is completing the exercise will kneel on the pad with the second partner holding down his or her ankles.  From here, lower yourself down as slowly as possible.  When you get close to the floor, or feel like you may fall, then “catch” yourself with your hands.  To finish the move, flex at the knee and pull yourself upwards.  The good part about this move is that you can use your arms for assistance on the way up, like a push-up.


How to do it:

  • Partner A kneels on the knee pad while partner B holds down his or her ankles.
  • Partner A slowly lowers down towards the floor by extending the knee as partner B holds down the ankles
  • Flex at the knee and use your hamstrings to pull yourself upwards.  Use the hands for support.  


  • Keep the hip and shoulder in one line.   Do not bend or break at the hip.  
  • Keep feet flat on the floor.

Progression #3

Progression #3 is the back extension.  This movement is tough, but much easier to attain than the GHR.  it is performed on the GHD machine and is the prerequisite exercise for the GHR.  This movement is very similar to a stiff legged deadlift.


How to do it:

  • Insert your ankles into the GHD machine and place your feet on the footpad

  • Lay face down with knees extended and thighs resting on the pad

  • Keeping a flat back, slowly lower the chest and trunk down towards the floor (trunk flexion)

  • Extend the trunk and squeeze your butt at the top, rising into what will look like a face down plank (trunk extension).  


  • Use the Sorensens Hold as an isometric strength builder for the posterior chain, and as a way to challenge your training partner!  Simply hold the top of the back extension, like a face down plank, for :30 to :60 seconds at a time.  Repeat for 3 total sets.  

Progression #4

This is a fun one ladies and gents.  The TRX hamstring curl is an excellent way to balance out your leg strength ratios, as well as work on stability in the lower extremity.  If you see GHRs programmed and you have all of the above exercises in your arsenal, then give these a try!


How to do it:

  • Set the TRX trainer so that the Progression #3

Progression #3 is the back extension.  This movement is tough, but much easier to attain than the GHR.  it is performed on the GHD machine and is the prerequisite exercise for the GHR.  This movement is very similar to a stiff legged deadlift.  


How to do it:


  • Insert your ankles into the GHD machine and place your feet on the footpad

  • Lay face down with knees extended and thighs resting on the pad

  • Keeping a flat back, slowly lower the chest and trunk down towards the floor (trunk flexion)

  • Extend the trunk and squeeze your butt at the top, rising into what will look like a face down plank (trunk extension).  



  • Use the Sorensens Hold as an isometric strength builder for the posterior chain, and as a way to challenge your training partner!  Simply hold the top of the back extension, like a face down plank, for :30 to :60 seconds at a time.  Repeat for 3 total sets.  

  • handles are roughly six to eight inches off of the floor

  • Put your heels into the handles of the TRX trainer, and lie back face up

  • Perform a hip bridge exercise to raise your hips up off of the floor.  Hold this position throughout the movement

  • While your hips are raised, curl your heels towards your butt slowly, and uncurl them away from your butt slowly.  That’s 1 rep.  


  • You can also simply raise and lower the hips and use the TRX for hip bridges

Progression #5

If the exercises above are accessible to you, then it is time to give the GHR a try.  Use this final progression to scale the actual movement until you are strong enough to perform it without assistance.  

How to do it:

  • Secure a band around the foot plate of the GHD machine.

  • Wrap the band around your shoulders like the shoulder straps of a back pack.

  • The thicker the band the easier the exercise becomes.


  • Without using a band, lower yourself down in a GHR only until you reach a point where you can flex at the knee and return to the top.  

  • Try this! Have a partner stand in front of the GHR and use their shoulders to push back to the return position.  

Brian Graves

Coach at CrossFit Ironborough
Brian Graves









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Meghan Halberstadt Thu, 15 Dec 2016 15:32:44 +0000 The post Meghan Halberstadt appeared first on CrossFit Ironborough.


I started with Ironborough through the 6 Week “New You Challenge.”  Prior to joining CrossFit Ironborough, I tried to work out at work (I work full time at a Y), without much success.  Choreographed Group Ex isn’t really my speed, and I would get bored on the treadmills.   Plus, every time I got into a groove, my schedule changed or I was called into a meeting, bleh.  I was an athlete in college, and after I graduated, I just lost my motivation to do actual fitness.

My first impression during the New You Challenge was that it was definitely something I could see myself getting really into.  It reminded me a lot of my team lifting sessions from when I was in college.  Having people you just met be super excited that you did 10 burpees in a row and didn’t pass out, was awesome.  It definitely felts like a place where the expectation was that you did your best, and as long as your weren’t cheating yourself, it didn’t matter if your best was to 10 burpees or 100 burpees, as long as you did it, and then high-fived your neighbor.

I think my biggest accomplishment has just been my ability to commit to the nutrition plan, and waking up to be at the 6AM class everyday.  There have been a lot of days when all I wanted was a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, or when I didn’t even feel like getting up, like today… (and today’s workout was so hard!)  But when people at work started noticing I lost weight, and my mom and family are telling me that I looked great, that definitely makes it worth it.  I’m proud of myself that I just keep doing it.  I’m down 25 pounds by the way, and I feel so much better about myself, physically and mentally.

I think my main goals now are to work on form and flexibility.  I have always been a bit uncoordinated (a lot actually) and not very flexible, so I really want to try to get those two things in order so I don’t hurt myself.  I also would just like to continue to meet and get to know the other athletes.  Everyone has been super welcoming, so I’m working on getting to know everyone in my classes a little bit more each day.

I think it’s just getting to be able to do things I haven’t done since college.  Meeting some awesome people, who I look forward to seeing in class, is definitely up there too.  Oh, and that one time I slammed my face with the bar in front of the entire 6AM class, as I was giving the example of how to do a thruster… not a favorite, but definitely something I’ll remember =)









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