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I struggle with a pretty severe case of sciatica that pretty much Incapacitated me a few years back. After that complete loss of mobility, a few more years of doctors and x-rays, and recurring bouts of pain brought me to a point where I knew I had to MOVE and get stronger (no matter how much it hurt). The problem was I didn’t know what could get me to MOVE, I’d never belonged to any sort of gym and besides running (which I could no longer do) I hadn’t really any idea. I’d seen stories about this CrossFit workout stuff and decided that’s something I can see myself doing and not getting bored. So I goggled CrossFit near me and the rest is history. 🙂  I really liked how laid back the atmosphere was at Ironborough.  It was nice to seem a community of people pushing themselves to be better.

My biggest accomplishment is being able to get up off the floor without assistance. I was unable to do that for so long that I no longer take the small stuff for granted. I’ve made huge steps since gaining that mobility back (pull-up, weight training, etc..) but when I really boil it down, it’s that first rising up off the floor without needing something to grab to pull me up that changed everything. I knew it was working and I knew I could do more.

I’m continuing to gain strength work on my core and see if I can’t make the sciatica disappear altogether. Brian and his PT sessions are a huge bonus for me, having the access to an expert who can help me focus on what I need to fix is such major benefit. I rarely deal with a flare up of the sciatica (except for after 20 hour plane rides) so I really have confidence that I can get there.









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