Did you know that kids in school are not allowed to participate in PE class without a pair of sneakers? 

Did you know that most of the kids that are not participating in PE for this reason are at or below poverty level?

Did you know that statistically, these children tend to be close to or overweight?

Join CrossFit Ironborough to bring PE back to kids! Kristie Snaith (K-CUP) runs a holiday assistance program every year to benefit these kids. This year they are asking for sneakers to make PE accessible. 

We will be hosting a Halloween WOD, a partner WOD starting at 6:30pm. Your entry fee to this event will be a pair of new sneakers (payless, famous footwear, etc) or other form of donation (cash, gift card, etc). 

Costumes are encouraged!

If you do not wish to participate in the WOD, we encourage you to stop by (and donate 🙂 and enjoy the festivities. Families welcome!




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