Lift with Jill & Kevin

Oct. 25th – Nov 15th

Join us at Ironborough for a unique opportunity to train alongside nationally ranked and internationally competitive weightlifter Jillian Seamon and Kevin Hall for 4 weeks!
Join Jill and Kevin for their Monday night workouts! You will have two tracks to choose from. Choose the “Jill” track (Olympic weightlifting) or the “Kevin” track (powerlifting, bodybuilding) to gain experience in more specialized training while Jill and Kevin lift alongside you. This program is intended for the intermediate – advanced fitness enthusiast who is looking to improve their lifting technique or gain extra strength. Spots are limited to 4 per track (8 total). Then, on November 19, 2021, Ironborough will be holding its first annual “Thanks and Weights” In-House lifting meet that this program will help prepare you for!
“Jill” (Olympic weightlifting) track – You will engage in an Olympic weightlifting specific workout to include a variation of the snatch and/or clean and jerk, pulls, squats, and accessory movements. Variations of movements will be modified for each participant.
“Kevin” (powerlifting/bodybuilding) track – You will work on strength movements including the bench press, squat, and deadlift and complete other accessory movements based on the day’s emphasis. Kevin will lead you through the exercises, some of which are done with timed rest.
It is expected that by signing up for this program, participants will commit to attending all four sessions. If for some reason a participant is unable to attend, they should notify Jill or Kevin prior to the session.
This is a unique opportunity to train alongside elite weightlifters! Jill & Kevin will also be lifting and completing their workouts Monday nights. Watch and learn from their craft and observe their dedication and discipline. Athletes are expected to be able to self pace, feel comfortable lifting without individualized attention, and follow along the program provided.

The Details:


Mondays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (October 25 – November 15)
· Oct 25th
· Nov 1st
· Nov 8th
· Nov 15th


$65 member
$105 non member


Ironborough Community Strength & Conditioning
4110 Butler Pike, Suite B102
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
(610) 304 5448