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lilaI’ve never been active, in the sense of today’s standards.  I did the Tae-bo, all the Beachbody products, the cookie cutter gyms, & the crash diets that were not only acceptable methods in those days but actually promoted.  But despite my very brief successful moments of hitting the right number on the scale, I never felt “healthy” and had absolutely no idea how to get there.  I thought I exhausted every option and felt hopeless.

Then I had reached a serious crossroad in my life in 2015.  A little drama, hint of tragedy, 20 years of bad habits and bad decisions… I needed direction and desperately wanted to reinvent myself and my priorities.

I started to Google Crossfit to learn what is was all about.  I heard about it, worked with people who did it, but had absolutely ZERO understanding about it.  I google & YouTubed it for 6 MONTHS obsessively!!!  Each time I found a new video or article or success story that kept me interested enough to keep looking.  I HEART success stories!  Come to think of it, I STILL Google/YouTube Crossfit  Then I began googling for boxes in my area and by what I can only describe is providence, walked through the doors of Ironborough.

I think my first impression was pretty much the same as everyone else out there who simply didn’t understand Crossfit.  Cultish, aggressive, unwelcoming to anyone not considered an “athlete”.  But all those descriptions couldn’t be farther from the truth as I learned quickly.  I have felt more camaraderie & support from this sport (and box) than from any gym or dojo I’ve been to.  That was an extremely important attribute for a box/gym/etc to have, in my opinion.  The intimidation factor is very real for individuals who are not only insecure of the unhealthy state they found themselves in but also insecure of trying on a fitness program that is constantly surrounded by strong, beautiful athletes.  I’m completely in awe and always inspired by everyone each time I’m at Ironborough… even after the WOD’s that nearly have me in tears or swearing like a truck driver!

What I will confirm as truth is the “kool-aid” bit, at least for me.  I’m still trying to understand this, but once I started to relax and enjoy myself, why I couldn’t wait to come back for another ass whoopin!  Stockholm syndrome?  LOL

I honestly do not see myself as a success story.  I suppose it’s because I can be one of my own worst critics and always tend to set the bar too high for myself.

But if I had to really describe what I accomplished, is that I found something that I am as passionate about as my job!  And the truth is that once you find something you’re passionate about, it doesn’t really feel like work.

I may never make it to competitor level status, finish first (or 2nd or next to last) in a WOD, or run faster than a turtle on a cold day through peanut butter, but if I can continue to find myself here next year, and the year after that, and so on, that’s a total WIN!

I remember Ashley O (aka Hilarious Uber Driver) introduced me to the large “GOALS” whiteboard when I started.  She’d explained the purpose of it and suggested a goal to add on.  It was “to be able to run around the building without stopping”.  It was an excellent goal but after a while of coming to class, I realized that I didn’t want to focus on just one goal but make it a more global to represent why I joined Ironborough.  That’s why my goals will always be “Simply Evolve”.

I don’t have one…. I have MANY!  A million THANK YOUs to all the coaches & all my classmates who always keep me inspired, motivated, & laughing.  You have no idea how much you have changed my life for the better.   You all are my success story!

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