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I was a stay at home mom for 7 years and was always active would go to the gym with my husband.  Once the kids started to go to school I had to go back to work.  My sit down office job took a toll on my body in 2 years I gained 20 pounds.  I tried work out tapes at home so I would be home with the kids but that didn’t work.  I saw the New Your add on Facebook and was like what do I have to loose. I was scared to death but needed a change.

After my first class I was super impressed. Not only did I finish my workout and didn’t die the people there were great. My coach Jill knew so much information and was passionate about what she does.  The sense of community you hear about associated with Crossfit is true and its a great feeling knowing that the people next to you are working hard just like you. I have made some really great friends here.

Coming into Crossfit I really wanted to lose my 20 pounds I am super excited that 5 month later I am 3 pounds away from that goal.  It has been a great feeling losing weight while lifting heavy things.

I am working on getting stronger and being able to attack the overhead lifts the way I do squats and deadlifts.  And I can’t wait to get kipping pull up or double unders.

My favorite memory would be finishing my first Hero WOD the Whitten. It was tough and I finished it with only seconds to spare.  It was such a great feeling be able to push myself and finish.  I’m also loving working out with Chet on Saturdays, working out with your husband pushes you to a whole new level. We make a great team.









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