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I started with Ironborough through the 6 Week “New You Challenge.”  Prior to joining CrossFit Ironborough, I tried to work out at work (I work full time at a Y), without much success.  Choreographed Group Ex isn’t really my speed, and I would get bored on the treadmills.   Plus, every time I got into a groove, my schedule changed or I was called into a meeting, bleh.  I was an athlete in college, and after I graduated, I just lost my motivation to do actual fitness.

My first impression during the New You Challenge was that it was definitely something I could see myself getting really into.  It reminded me a lot of my team lifting sessions from when I was in college.  Having people you just met be super excited that you did 10 burpees in a row and didn’t pass out, was awesome.  It definitely felts like a place where the expectation was that you did your best, and as long as your weren’t cheating yourself, it didn’t matter if your best was to 10 burpees or 100 burpees, as long as you did it, and then high-fived your neighbor.

I think my biggest accomplishment has just been my ability to commit to the nutrition plan, and waking up to be at the 6AM class everyday.  There have been a lot of days when all I wanted was a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, or when I didn’t even feel like getting up, like today… (and today’s workout was so hard!)  But when people at work started noticing I lost weight, and my mom and family are telling me that I looked great, that definitely makes it worth it.  I’m proud of myself that I just keep doing it.  I’m down 25 pounds by the way, and I feel so much better about myself, physically and mentally.

I think my main goals now are to work on form and flexibility.  I have always been a bit uncoordinated (a lot actually) and not very flexible, so I really want to try to get those two things in order so I don’t hurt myself.  I also would just like to continue to meet and get to know the other athletes.  Everyone has been super welcoming, so I’m working on getting to know everyone in my classes a little bit more each day.

I think it’s just getting to be able to do things I haven’t done since college.  Meeting some awesome people, who I look forward to seeing in class, is definitely up there too.  Oh, and that one time I slammed my face with the bar in front of the entire 6AM class, as I was giving the example of how to do a thruster… not a favorite, but definitely something I’ll remember =)









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