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natalie-2After graduating college, I found it very difficult to stick with a consistent workout routine.  Being an athlete my entire life and playing lacrosse in college, I felt lost when I graduated.  I needed something to keep me accountable each day.  I was so used to someone telling me what to do and push me through tough workouts.  It was extremely challenging working out by myself, and not having someone there to compete against or motivation to work harder.  I found myself becoming very bored of my normal work out routine of running on the treadmill every day, lifting and doing machines here and there.  I could not find a workout program that I actually enjoyed and could maintain.  That is when I turned to CrossFit.   

My first impression of CrossFit was what I saw on TV.  I remember watching the CrossFit games and thinking to myself, “who are these crazy jacked people throwing around weights?”  Then once I checked out CrossFit Ironborough, my thoughts immediately changed.  Crossfit wasn’t just about lifting until you pass out; it’s about working hard and pushing natalie-3the person next to you.  I loved the sense of community, which made me feel like I was on a team again.  There have been times where I felt like I was going to die and wanted quit mid-workout, however, the coaches and members were always there encouraging me to keep going and get that extra rep in.

One of my biggest accomplishments was being able to do handstand push-ups.  I remember going to one of my first CrossFit classes and I saw on the whiteboard that we were doing handstand push-ups.  I thought to myself, “what the heck am I getting myself into?” and almost walked out.  I started doing the handstand push-up progressions on the box and then with a lot of coaxing and encouragement, I overcame my fear of doing a handstand up onto the wall.  Next thing you know, I was doing 20-30 kipping handstand push-ups a workout!  It was such a great feeling to actually see myself improving and realize how strong I was truly getting.  Another big accomplishment was being able to complete Fran Rx a few months ago.  The last time I did Fran, I scaled it down and did ring rows and 55# thrusters instead of the pull-ups and 65# thrusters.  This year, I was able to do all 45 pull-ups and all 45 thrusters at 65#.  It felt amazing that I was able to complete all of the pull-ups, even after being exhausted from the thrusters.  This was a huge accomplishment for me.

natalieI have SO many goals for this upcoming year.  So far I have been working on getting my first muscle-up, snatching over 100 pounds, and getting 5 strict pull-ups.  Additionally, I am working on mobility and perfecting my form in all of the Olympic lifts.

My favorite memories at CrossFit Ironborough were from this year’s Open.  It was the first time I ever completed the open workouts.  I also, had the opportunity to be team captain of AMRAP and Chill.  Not to mention, Team AMRAP and Chill won the Open Competition!  What, WHAT?! However, what I loved the most was coming to Friday Night Lights to complete the workouts and to cheer everyone on.

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