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img_2171I saw the advertisement for the New You program on Facebook.  I have NEVER answered an advertisement on Facebook, but something struck me about it.  I think the “all women” part was enticing….when starting anything new it can be intimidating and being around people who are more like you can make that transition a lot easier.  Previous to joining CrossFit I was doing random group workout classes here & there & some treadmill running, but nothing consistent.

I was SO nervous and SO intimidated….but not because of the people, b/c of the barbells, etc.  Brian was my coach and really you couldn’t ask for a better 1st impression for someone new coming into Ironborough.  Brian was all smiles & SO excited to have us there.  My group 3 girls in New You were amazing and we were all scared & nervous together, but we quickly became friends and helped push each other through each workout.

Yes, I got my 1st pull up which I never dreamed I could do, but truly, my biggest accomplishment isn’t physical, it’s more mental.  I found something that I love and have committed to & no matter how I feel or what I have going on, I show up.  Similar to other members, I played sports my entire life and have always been apart of a team.  I couldn’t find something at a regular gym that gave me that sense of competition & comradery and I couldn’t commit and didn’t enjoy doing ANY of those activities…I did it b/c I knew it was good for me to work out, but I wasn’t having fun, I wasn’t passionate, I was just going through the motions.  I come 4 days a week and wouldn’t miss those 4 days for anything, I could not havenicole imagined being that committed to any workout before, I thought those people were crazy and it just wasn’t in my DNA.  

I am 7 months in and at that point where I am targeting more the “performance” workout vs. function and taking my skills to the next level.  Like I mentioned before, I got my 1st pull-up so building on that and getting the kipping pull-up down.  I am close to a PR in back squats and am watching myself get stronger every day, so perfecting the moves and adding weight and moving quicker is where my focus has been.

If I can only pick one that is going to be hard.  It’s the people that make Ironborough so great and that’s not a fluff statement.  These people have become my 2nd family and have seen me on my great days but also on my low days.  They constantly surround me & each other with encouragement and positive feedback.  To narrow it down to 1 favorite memory would be impossible, but what I can say is the moment I walk in the door, doesn’t matter the day or how I’m feeling, my mood immediately lifts and I feel at home.  BUT….if you twist my arm, I’d have to go with James & Hannah’s Halloween party and the squat off (men vs. women) and the flip cup game lead by Ashley O & Kate!







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