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I came to CrossFit after hearing about the sense of community some of my friends had discovered at other boxes across the country. It also happened that I was becoming bored with the generic classes and machines at a traditional gym. I found myself getting frustrated by the lack of variety and feeling like I was just one of many to the instructors. Having moved from North Carolina I was struggling to find my place and my people and I thought I would try CrossFit to see if I could meet people who would hold me accountable and motivate me to be the best version of myself.

I signed up for the New You interview on an impulsive whim and it was the best decision I have ever made! I was immediately welcomed during the interview by both Chip and Brian and had a great conversation about wanting to get out of the generic gym and into something more exciting and community oriented. My first night of New You was predictably hard but I loved every minute of it! My Group 3 girls never quit and I couldn’t imagine not continuing once New You was done. I look up to so many of the athletes at CrossFit Ironborough  – they manage to balance their daily lives while still excelling in the gym and taking time to give support and encouragement to others. The amazing people at Ironborough keep me coming back week after week. The coaches are phenomenal and have helped me succeed!

Some of my biggest accomplishments are works in progress but I am still so proud! When I first joined I couldn’t hang on the bar or do a handstand and I couldn’t run 400 meters. James coached me through walking my hands towards the wall for a handstand and while I’m still not quite at the wall,  I’ve come a long way from starting with my feet on the box! I now hang on the bar and have been practicing pull ups and chin ups. I can now run 800 meters (albeit with James’ voice in my head yelling not to walk) and while I still hate running I can see a huge improvement. I’m not sure I’ve had one ‘biggest accomplishment’ but I enjoy seeing the improvements week to week as I work towards my goals.

My next goal is to get a box jump. I just need to breakthrough my mental wall!

My favorite memory of CrossFit Ironborough is CrossFit Ironborough: Civil war (shout out to my Team Brian members!). It was the first time I had really felt a part of the community – I had arrived! I got to compete with people I hadn’t worked out with before and I loved cheering on my teammates and even members of the opposing team for doing well and generally killing it. Being able to compete with and against some of the more experienced members just renewed my desire to eventually be one of the people that others are looking up to! I can’t wait for that day!

Shout out to all the coaches and especially Brian and James for never giving up on me.









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