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I came to CrossFit Ironborough as part of the new you program last spring. I had never given much thought to CrossFit before. It seemed like a good way to get my health and fitness on track simultaneously.

Prior to joining CrossFit I had a gym membership that I hardly used. I played soccer, lacrosse and basketball through high school. When I got to college I didn’t make time for any type of structured fitness routine. I always blamed that on being too busy. Not much changed after college. When I joined CrossFit Ironborough I was working multiple jobs while trying to make time for a social life. I still made it to class three times a week. It’s all about priorities!

I signed up for CrossFit because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to lose weight. The first day that I walked into Ironborough, there was a class in the midst of a WOD. I was seeing the class cycling through rounds of pull-ups and grunting as they dropped barbells from overhead. It was intimidating. Seeing this made me feel out of shape. Now there is no workout that seems unattainable.

I remember that on my first day of class Coach Brian explained that Crossfit is not a quick fix or a diet program. Crossfit teaches you how to be a better human in many different aspects. This was disappointing to me in a way. I was always looking for a quick way to drop 10 pounds, but never a long term solution to being healthy and fit. I’m proud to say that today I am much less concerned about the number on the scale, and more focused on how much I can lift.

I am proud of the upper body strength that I gained. Pull ups, push-ups, Olympic lifts. None of these came easy for me. I have accomplished so much since starting CrossFit. The greatest gains are movements that I once considered impossible. Proficiency in any of the Olympic lifts seemed like a dream at the beginning. Now lifting is my favorite part of the workout. I have been setting a lot of PRs recently. Every time I set a new one, I am so proud of myself for coming this far. At CrossFit you always leave with a sense of accomplishment, feeling like you are better than you were yesterday.

Overall my biggest accomplishment is developing a consistent workout routine. I go to the box three or four times a week. Now I look forward to working out rather than dread it.

I am always trying to improve my strength and work on moves that are not comfortable yet. Currently I am determined to get hand stand push-ups. I also struggle to get just one double under. It seems impossible right now but I know I’ll get it eventually.

This is what I love about CrossFit. Gaining new skills and setting new PRs is so motivating. It is such a rewarding feeling to master a move that you have been working on repeatedly. There is no feeling like the moment that you finally accomplish what once seemed unattainable.

The community aspect at CrossFit Ironborough is what makes it such a great gym to be a part of. There is always someone cheering you on or pushing you to work harder. One of my favorite memories at CrossFit Ironborough is the Civil War this summer. Members were split up into two different teams and we competed against each other in different heats with various workouts. Everyone was cheering for their teammates and supporting each other. The competition was fun and everyone got a chance to compete.










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