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CrossFit Ironborough is introducing a Women’s Only Fitness Class!

Our Women’s Only Fitness Program is built on the foundation that proper and professional coaching in a supportive environment will allow women to push their limits and develop their own optimal fitness. All ages and skill levels are welcome. No intimidation, no judgement, just fun and inspiration from fellow female athletes. This program will be offered 3 days a week, M/W/F, 9:45am-10:45am. This program begins May 7th, 2018.

This 60-minute class is designed and focused on 4 pillars: core strength, muscle endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and nutrition. Each class is sixty minutes in length and is led by one of our certified professional coaches. The role of the coach is to teach participants how to perform movements correctly so that muscles are trained in the manner which nature intended. Once technique is in place, we create intense workouts to promote increases in the 4 pillars mentioned above. Our coaches are here to help navigate nutrition which is the key element to a healthy lifestyle. The workouts will be available to the class in advanced so that when coaches describe movement patterns you will leave with a better understanding of how to exercise and our “why” behind this journey.

A little more about us:

• An awesome 6,000+ square foot facility stacked with equipment and outdoor activities.
• In addition to our Women’s Only Fitness Program, we offer integrated wellness programs such as group class, personal training, semi-private training, and nutrition.
• Kid’s programming and birthday parties coming soon! Stay tuned!

Contact us to get started.

(610) 304 5448.